Sunday, 11 June 2017

Crawley Circle Winners! Province Croquet Match

After a hard fought competition the Crawley Circle Team "Creepy Crawlies" retained the Cup and Lucy & Laurie came very close to winning in the Plate competition. Doreen and Iris performed admirably too. The Crawley teams included:

Laurie Harding & Lucy Forster: Laurie & Lucy
Iris Jordan & Doreen Newell: The Crawley Girls
Dominic Moorhouse & Mike Newman: The Creepy Crawlies

Well done to all the teams. [And special thanks to Alan Rew for the practice session tuition last week!]

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Crawley Circle Croquet Team practice

Practice session for Crawley Circle Croquet Team (less Laurie Harding who wasn't available) at the Crawley Croquet Club - hoping to retain the Provincial Cup next Saturday. Thanks to coach Alan Rew.

Peter Mullarky's Ousting Dinner! 1st June 2017

Phil Gidman, current Crawley President giving an Ousting Dinner speech in celebration of Peter Mullarky's year (the immediate past president). An excellent dinner had by all at the Ifield Golf Club.

Our new Provincial President!

Our new Provincial President, Mike Newman giving his inauguration speech at the recent Provincial AGM

Friday, 7 October 2016

Visit High Beeches - 1st October 2016

Brother President Peter prepares to lead the expedition

The Provincial Vice President offers some useful advice

Time for a rest before the final assault

Nearly there - just one more hill !

Friday, 23 September 2016

Visit to Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking - 23 September 2016

Setting off on the tour of the estate

A beautiful day for it

Brother Mike in the winery

In the Tasting Room

Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Foley Niblick - 8 September 2016

We were blessed with wonderful weather for the 34th playing of the Foley Niblick at Rookwood Golf Course in Horsham on Thursday 8th September. The sun was shining on the golfers and those supporters who joined us for the prize giving, lunch and raffle. 

The dining area was completely full which together with the attitude of all concerned created a great atmosphere of hospitality and bonhomie. The golf was to a good standard as befitted the weather and was enjoyed by all the players. 

After lunch enjoyed by 40 persons Diana Foley presented the Foley Niblick to Andrew Laird and Maureen McDermott presented the Pat McDermott trophy to Bernard Smith. The winner of the parallel competition was Jerry Ormsby with a superb 44 points & Kieran Murphy won the longest drive.
Bernard Smith and Maureen McDermott
Andrew Laird and Diana Foley
The famous Niblick raffle raised £275 and everyone went home with a prize!

The total raised on the day was £608. and there is more promised but not yet received. We will let you know the final figure after we have presented the cheque in Tim Foley’s memory to St Patrick’s Missionary Society for their work on the All Faith’s initiative against the Boko Horam in Nigeria.
The organisers, Peter Frisby and Manus McDermott thank all our benefactors for their wonderful demonstration of generosity and charity. The monies raised will be of great help to this most worthwhile cause in an area of great unrest.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Joint Meeting with East Grinstead Circle - 28 July 2016

L to R: Provincial President John Goulding; Acting Provincial Counsellor Jim Brophy, Crawley Circle President Peter Mullarky, East Grinstead Circle President Bill Blackledge
Brother President Peter Mullarky welcomes new member Alan Rew

Brother Chamberlain Tony Sefton  is presented by presents Brother Alan Rew

Brother Frank Rouson is welcomed after transferring back to Crawley from Norwich Circle

Brother Frank Rouson faces the tribunal

Former President David Innes presents Tobias Melia, Head Teacher of Our Lady Queen of Heaven School, Crawley, with a cheque for his charity.

Our guest speaker, Brother Steve Murphy of Reigate Circle, describes his experiences rowing across the Atlantic.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Visit to Westminster Abbey, 27 July 2016

On Wednesday 27th July a party of Crawley Circle brothers, ladies and friends visited England’s premier church and centre of pageantry, Westminster Abbey. The party congregated at The Methodist Central Hall cafĂ© where we had lunch. We then crossed the road to the Abbey where we met our Blue Badge Guide. As an official tour party we entered by the side door and through the cloister. Entering the Abbey is a wonderful experience, the eye-catching colour, gilt, statuary and tombs are overwhelming at first. Once your senses have adjusted there is so much to see and learn. Our guide, Vicky, was able to impart so much of interest so very easily that everyone enjoyed the tour. When and where will be our next trip was asked by many?

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Timeos Trust Cheque Presentation

Peter Frisby and Manus McDermott present the cheque to David and Helen Skipp

Following the recent Alternative Benny O’Shea Golf Classic, Brothers Manus and Peter were able to present a cheque for £1,200 raised at the event to David and Helen Skipp, co-trustees of the Timios Trust. They asked David for a little information on how the Trust will use the funds. His reply below gives an interesting insight into the trust.

Dear Peter,

You asked for info concerning the people we are helping with our bursaries and the type of projects with which they are engaged.

One person whom we will be supporting with a travel bursary is a young doctor who will be going for nine months on board “Mercy Africa”. This is the largest boat of the Christian charity”Mercy Ships”. These are fitted with hospitals and operating facilities and they sail around the coast of Africa providing medical care to some of the world’s poorest people.

The base for this ship will be Cotonou, Benin West Africa where approximately a third of the population live below the international poverty line of US$1.25per day. There is a high infant mortality rate and major problems with the management of malaria, tuberculosis, maternal health and HIV.

We will be helping this young doctor with a contribution to enable her to get to Benin so that she can join the ship.

Another recipient of an award is a young man who is going to northern Thailand to work in an orphanage . He will also be working with young people who have moved to the city of Chiang Mai teaching them English communication skills. He is going under the auspices of a well established missionary society.

The applicants that we have are from all backgrounds and Christian organisations. We ask however that they are going to undertake work of a practical nature so showing their faith in positive practical ways, and over the years we have helped some 300 people to travel to their areas of work.

I hope that this gives a flavour of our Trust’s work. There are more stories of the experiences that these volunteers have gained and what they have been able to do on the web site